Sri Sha. Bra. Chandramouleshawara Maha Swamiji ,
Founder President of T.M.A.E. Society

His holiness Sri Chandramouleswara Maha swamiji is a Dharmadhikari by profession and an ardent lover of education by temperament. One of his aims was to educate the rural oriented masses who have been deprived of educational facilities and there by lifting their standard of living to meet the challenges of the modern world. He realized very early that government by it self would be unable to take literacy and education to villages. With the blessing of Sri Chandrashekhara Maha swamiji, he started to establish educational institutions in many parts of rural Karnataka. The system of Education in these institutions is in tune with basic needs of life.

General education teaches us how to live, where as the technical education teaches us how to make a living. Realizing this importance he gave top priority to technical education to solve the problem of bread and butter. He was aware that technical and professional institutions are existed in cities only. Obviously it would be extremely difficult for the poor students to get higher education as they could not afford the expenditure of staying and studying in cities. One of the greatest contributions of swamiji is taking technical and professional institutions to the remote corners of Karnataka. In these educational institutions not only students from many parts of Karnataka, but also students from other states like Kerala, Andhrapradesh, Maharastra, uttarpradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat and Himachala Pradesh are pursuing their education. These institutions have produced thousands of eminent personalities like professors, doctors, druggists, chemists and industrialists.

Professional colleges of T.M.A.E. society are a boon to the rural students. Wherever they go they proudly say "We are the products of Tegginamath institution". Students of various disciplines have brought name and fame to the institutions by securing ranks and awards. As of today more than 5000 students are pursuing their education in various institutions of T.M.A.E.Society which has about 1200 employees.